Blessed Sacrament Parish

Our goal is to enhance the faith life of our Catholic/Christian community; to act as a servant church to local, national and international needs; to point to God’s action in the world and our own lives; to communicate  the Good News of God’s love and acceptance to the unchurched; to reconcile the alienated and wounded; to heal the divisions within the Christian church and with other religions; and to be good stewards of the human resources of leadership and generosity; and the physical resources of property and finances.

Our Ministries


Adult Ministries begin at age 18.  We offer social activities, ministry opportunities, gatherings, faith development opportunities, opportunities to build faith based friendships and much more.


Youth Ministry is geared towards those as young as grade 6 and reaches to those in grade 12.  We aim to offer a faithful, safe and fun environment for teens where they can grow in their faith and friendships!  Teen activities include youth nights, faith studies, volunteer opportunities, and more.


Children’s Ministries includes all children up to 10 or 11 years old. Jesus tells us to let the children come to him; our goal is to support parents through faith development activities and helping you bring your children closer to Christ! Some ministries include: Children’s Liturgy, Children’s Choir, Christmas pageants, Summer Camps (VBS), and Sacramental Preparation.