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2022-01-16-BULL_2nd Sunday OT

2022-01-09-Bulletin-Baptism of the Lord

2021_Bulletin_4th Sunday of Advent, Christmas to Epiphany Jan 2, 2022

2021 Weekend Mass Schedule for CHRISTMAS to EPIPHANY

2021-12-12_Bulletin_3rd Sunday Advent

2021-12-03_Bulletin_2nd Sunday of Advent-Bulletin


2021-10-31_31st Sunday OT-Bulletin Legal size

2021-10-17_29th Sunday OT_Bulletin-Legal size

2021-10-10_28th Sunday in OT-Thanksgiving Day

2021-10-03_27th. Sunday in OT


2020-03-15_3rd Sunday in Lent_Bulletin

2020-03-08_2nd Sunday in Lent_Bulletin

2020-03-01_1st Sunday in Lent_BulletinInsert: Lenten Reflection Movie Series

2020-02-23_7th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2020-02-16_6th Sunday OT_Bulletin2019 Parish Financial Report_AGM 2020-02-23

2020-02-09_5th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2020-02-02_4th Sunday OT-Presentation of the Lord_Bulletin

2020-01-26_3rd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2020-01-19_2nd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2020-01-12_Baptism of the Lord_Bulletin

2020-01-05_Epiphany of the Lord_Bulletin

2019 Advent & Christmas Schedule_REVISED

2019-12-22 to 2020-01-01_4th Sunday of Advent & Christmas Week_Bulletin;  2019 Christmas Letter

2019 Christmas Poinsettia Memorial List

2019 Advent & Christmas Schedule

2019-12-15_3rd Sunday of Advent_Bulletin

2019-12-08_2nd Sunday of Advent_Bulletin

2019-12-01_1st Sunday of Advent_Bulletin-rev1

2019-11-24_Christ the King_Bulletin

2019-11-17-33rd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-11-10_32nd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-11-03_31st Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-10-27_30th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-10-20_29th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-10-13_28th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-10-06_27th Sunday OT_Bulletin-r1

2019-09-29_26th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-09-22_25th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-09-15_24th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-09-08_23rd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-09-01_22nd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-08-25_21st Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-08-18_20th Sunday OT_Bulletin-rev2

2019-08-11_19th Sunday OT and Insert_Bulletin

2019-08-04_18th Sunday OT_Bulletin-REV

2019-07-28_17th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-07-21_16th Sunday OT_Bulletin-r1

2019-07-14_15th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-07-07_14th Sunday OT_Bulletin  ~ AND ~   2019-07-07_Bulletin Insert_DECREE

2019-06-30_13th Sunday OT_Bulletin-r2

2019-06-30_13th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-06-23_Corpus Christi Sunday_Bulletin

2019-06-16_Trinity Sunday_Bulletin

2019-06-09_Pentecost Sunday_Bulletin

2019-06-02_Ascension of the Lord_Bulletin

2019-05-26_6th Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2019-05-19_5th Sunday of Easter_Bulletin-r2

2019-05-12_World Day of Prayer for Vocations_Bulletins

2019-05-05_3rd Sunday of Easter

2019-04-28_2nd Sunday Easter-Divine Mercy Sunday_Bulletin-r1

2019-04-21_Easter Sunday_Bulletinand 2019 Easter Flower Memorial List

2019-04-14_Palm Sunday_Bulletin;  and  2018 Parish Financial Report_AGM on 2019-04-14

2019-04-07_5th Sunday of Lent_Bulletin-r1

2019-03-31 4th Sunday of Lent_Bulletin-r1

2019-03-17&24_2nd & 3rd Sundays of Lent_Bulletin-r1

2019-03-10_1st Sunday of Lent_Bulletin-r2

2019-03-03_8th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-02-24_7th Sunday OT_Bulletin-rev

2019-02-17_6th Sunday OT_Bulletin-rev

2019-02-10_5th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-02-03_4th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-01-27_3rd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2019-01-20_2nd Sunday OT_Bulletin-rev

2019-01-13_Baptism of the Lord_Bulletin

2019-01-06_Epiphany of Our Lord_Bulletin

2018-12-23 to 2019-01-06_4th Sunday Advent & Christmas_to Epiphany of Our Lord_Bulletin

2018-12-16_3rd Sunday Advent_Bulletin

2018-12-09_2nd Sunday Advent_Bulletin.rev

2018-12-02_1st Sunday Advent_rev.3

2018-11-25_Christ the King_Bulletin

2018-11-18_33rd Sunday OT_Bulletin_rev

2018-11-11_32nd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-11-04_31st Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-10-28_30th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-10-21_29th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-10-14_28th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-10-07_27th Sunday OT_Bulletin_rev

2018-09-30_26th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-09-23_25th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-09-16_24th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-09-09_23rd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-09-02_22nd Sunday OT_Bulletin REV

2018-08-26_21st Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-08-19_20th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-08-12_19th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-08-05_18th Sunday OT_rev Bulletin

2018-07-29_17th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-07-22_16th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-07-15_15th Sunday_OT_Bulletin

2018-07-08_14th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-07-01_13th Sunday OT_Canada Day-Bulletin

2018-06-24_Nativity of St. John the Baptist-Bulletin

2018-06-17_11th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-06-10_10th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-06-03_The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ_Bulletin

2018-05-27_Most Holy Trinity Sunday_Bulletin

2018-05-20_Pentecost Sunday_Bulletin

2018-05-13_Ascension of The Lord

2018-05-06_6th Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2018-04-29_5th Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2018-04-22_4th Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2018-04-15_3rd Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2018-04-08_Divine Mercy Sunday_Bulletin

2018-04-01_Easter Sunday_Bulletin

2018-03-25_Palm Sunday_Bulletin

2018-03-18_5th Sunday Lent_Bulletin

2018-03-11_4th Sunday Lent_Bulletin

2018-03-04_3rd Sunday Lent_Bulletin

2018-02-25_2nd Sunday Lent_Bulletin

2018-02-18_1st Sunday Lent_Bulletin

2018-02-04 & 11_5th & 6th Sunday OT_Bulletin(x2)

2018-01-28_4th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-01-21_3rd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-01-14_2nd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2018-01-07_Epiphany of the Lord_Bulletin

2017-12-24_4th Sunday-Christmas-New Years_Bulletin

2017-12-17_3rd Sunday Advent_Bulletin

2017-12-10_2nd Sunday Advent_Bulletin

2017-12-03_1st Sunday Advent_Bulletin

2017 Advent Schedule: Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation & Christmas Week

2017-11-26_Jesus Christ, King of the Universe_Bulletin

2017-11-19_33rd Sunday_OT_Bulletin

2017-11-12_32nd Sunday_OT_Bulletin

2017-11-05_31st Sunday_OT_Bulletin

2017-10-29_30th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-10-22_World Mission-29th Sunday_OT_Bulletin

2017-10-15_28th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-10-08_27th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-10-01_26th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-09-24_25th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-09-17_24th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-09-10_23rd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-09-03_22nd Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-08-27_21st Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-08-20_20th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-08-13_19th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-08-06_Transfiguration of the Lord_Bulletin

2017-07-30_17th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-07-23_16th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-07-16_15th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-07-09_14th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-07-02_13th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-06-25_12th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-06-18_Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ_Bulletin

2017-06-11_Most Holy Trinity_Bulletin

2017-06-04_Pentecost Sunday_BulletinMarian Congress Event Schedule Insert

2017-05-28_Ascension of the Lord_Bulletin

2017-05-21_6th Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2017-05-14_5th Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2017-05-07_4th Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2017-04-30_3rd Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2017-04-23_Divine Mercy Sunday-2nd Sunday of Easter_Bulletin

2017-04-12_Easter Sunday_Bulletin

2017-04-09_Palm-Passion Sunday_Bulletin

2017-04-02_5th Sunday in Lent_Bulletin

2017-03-26_4th Sunday in Lent_Bulletin

2017-03-19_3rd Sunday in Lent_Bulletin

2017-03-12_2nd Sunday in Lent_Bulletin

2017-03-05_1st Sunday of Lent_Bulletin

2017-02-26_8th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-02-12_6th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-02-05_5th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-01-29_4th Sunday OT_Bulletin

2017-01-22_3rd Sunday in OT_Bulletin

2017-01-15_2nd Sunday OT_Bulletin


















2016 September 4_Bulletin

2016 August 28_Bulletin

2016 August 21_Bulletin

2016 August 14_Bulletin

2016 August 07_Bulletin

2016 July 31_Bulletin

2016 July 24_Bulletin

2016 July 17_Bulletin

2016 July 10_Bulletin

2016 July 3_Bulletin

2016 June 26_Bulletin

2016 June 19 Bulletin

2016 June 12 bulletin

The 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time – June 5, 2016

The Feast of Corpus Christi – May 29, 2016

Holy Trinity Sunday – May 22, 2016

Pentecost Sunday – May 15, 2016

The Ascension of the Lord – May 8, 2016

The 6th Sunday of Easter – May 1, 2016

The 5th Sunday of Easter – April 24, 2016

The 4th Sunday of Easter – April 17, 2016

The 3rd Sunday of Easter – April 10, 2016

The 2nd Sunday of Easter – April 3, 2016

The Resurrection of the Lord – March 27, 2016

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord – March 20, 2016

The 5th Sunday of Lent – March 13, 2016

The 4th Sunday of Lent – March 6, 2016

The 3rd Sunday of Lent- February 28, 2016

The 2nd Sunday of Lent – February 21, 2016

The 1st Sunday of Lent – February 14, 2016

The 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time – February 7, 2016

The 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 31, 2016

The 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 24, 2016

The 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 17, 2016

The Baptism of the Lord – January 10, 2016

The Feast of the Holy Family & The Epiphany – December 27, 2015  to January 3, 2016

The 4th Sunday of Advent – December 20, 2015

The 3rd Sunday of Advent – December 13 2015

The 2nd Sunday of Advent – December 6, 2015

The 1st Sunday of Advent – November 29, 2015

The 4th Sunday of Lent - March 15, 2015
The 3rd Sunday of Lent - March 8, 2015
The 2nd Sunday of Lent - March 1, 2015
The 1st Sunday of Lent - February 22, 2015
The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time - February 15, 2015
The 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time - February 8, 2015
The 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time - February 1, 2015
The 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - January 25, 2015
The 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - January 18, 2015
The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord - January 11, 2015
The Feast of the Holy Family & The Epiphany - 
December 28, 2014 & January 4, 2015
The Fourth Sunday of Advent - December 21, 2014
The Third Sunday of Advent - December 14, 2014
The Second Sunday of Advent - December 7, 2014
The First Sunday of Advent - November 30, 2014
The Feast of Christ the King - November 23, 2014
The 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - November 16, 2014
The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica - November 9, 2014
The Feast of All Souls - November 2, 2014
The 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time - October 26, 2014
The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time - October 19, 2014
The 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time - October 12, 2014
The 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time - October 5, 2014
The 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time - September 28, 2014
The 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time - September 21, 2014
The Exaltation of the Holy Cross - September 14, 2014
The 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - September 7, 2014
The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 31, 2014
The 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 24, 2014
The 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 17, 2014