Visitation Program

When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.  John 19: 26-27

Traveling Statues of Mary

The origin of this custom is the so-called shelter seeking, that is the holy family on their way to Bethlehem, seeking a shelter where they could stay for the night, and where Mary could give birth to Jesus. Out of the recollection of this event grew the medieval Frauentragen (carrying of Our Lady) in Germany, and later the so called Posada (house, dwelling, inn) in Hispanic countries. The custom is a ‘spiritual compensation’ for the innkeeper’s refusal to invite the Holy Family into his inn.

The Visitation Program was officially launched at Cap-de-la-Madeleine on August 23rd, 2017. Angelina Girard delivered an overview of the initiative followed by Fr. Timothy Nelligan’s blessing of the 18″ Statue of Our Lady of the Cape.

View both the DnA Live Blessed Sacrament Parish launch of the visitation program on September 12th, 2018 – the Feast of The Most Holy Name of Mary, and Angelina’s personal “Visitation” testimony.


Blessed Sacrament Parishioners are invited to reserve the Visitation Kit for two week periods. Contact Angelina at to arrange your visit!

Visitation Program Suggestions – note: there is no cost to parishioners.

Visitation Program Suggestions

Decide on a place of prominence to install the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of the Cape.

Adorn her with flowers. Place any medals you have of the Saints by her. You may also choose to buy a rose or roses and have your priest bless them using the Dominican prayer from the Recipe for Renewal sheet.*

Pray the Marian Consecration Daily Prayer and offer up petitions.

Read the authorization letter from the Dominican Promoter General of the Rosary.

Enrol in the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary at

Listen to the Our lady of the Cape – Her Story, Your Story Double CD Set.

Watch the Bridge of Roses: The Story of Our Lady of the Cape at All purchases support the MDM

Begin the nine day Marian Consecration for Little Souls retreat. (download free retreat guide at

Pray the Rosary. (praying with the included Rosary DVD is ideal for catechetical purposes)

Consider becoming a Movie Missionary at

*Blessed Roses are blessed objects. They may be kept, burned or buried. If kept, treat with reverence.

Consider enrolling in the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary – Click “HERE”

It is anticipated that individuals will recite the Marian Consecration Daily prayer which can be left by the statue of Our Lady of the Cape.

The above are suggestions to inspire devotion and blessings upon participating families. At the conclusion of the two weeks, families are encouraged to offer prayers of thanksgiving and to pray for the next family or individual who will receive the Visitation Kit.

Additional Resources – visit to view the 1947 documentary of the historic 1947 Marian Congress. Venerable Pope Pius XII commented that the “crowning event” of the congress was the consecration of the Dominion of Canada to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


To delight, shower with excitement and decoration, and celebrate Mary in our home was my intent when Our Lady of the Cape came.  That image was shattered and guilt followed when my vision fell short.  In the time period my 3 littles- age 5, 3, and a baby all got sick, my husband was out of town for work, and no one was sleeping through the night.  Then I discovered again, Mary was a Mom.  Of course in my young family life, she was with me co-laboring in the muck, Mothering me through the trenches, and providing perspective and comfort in it all both to me and to my kids in some of their fears.  Mary’s a Mom and a mom is with her kids in the mess of things, not on a throne that isn’t reachable, .  We love her so much! 

So we came home after Mass today, and when I saw Mary was missing in the spot we had her and longing happened in my heart.   I said to Jeremy, I miss Mary.  Then Anastasia comes into the house and said, I miss Mary. Isn’t that incredible? Because it’s a connection with a person not a statue but that was a statue…. Ahhh I love our faith!  What an important pause to see the importance of icons and statues to bring our minds to see we have helpers co-laboring.

-Kelly Rude

I brought the statue of Our Lady home and placed it on the pine table that my dad made years ago and upon which lies a Crucifix from Jerusalem and a Miraculous Medal as the only other objects.  As I awoke each day and was greeted by the sight of Our Lady’s image, I was constantly reminded of how it is that God’s grace flows from heaven to me and to us all, through the one who said “yes” to bearing the Bread of Life, through her and by her humility.  The Cross makes it crystal clear that I need to be saved, daily in fact.  In a similar way, the image of Our Lady makes it crystal clear that there is a Mother in all this, a strong lady through whom graces flow which soften me and intercede in my will and plans, daily, so that the Lord’s purposes can be done.  Our Lady is distinctly on the side of grace.  And Our Lady of the Cape is distinctly on the side of grace for the people of Canada.  I will be getting a statue of my own in the near future.  A simple, powerful way to grow in the Faith. 

-Dave Mulcair

I had the honour of hosting the beautiful statue of Our Lady in my home recently. Her Presence imposed itself on my home not only by Her Beauty, but in her Quiet Strength. Her Wisdom impacted my life and her Graces flowed abundantly into my daily endeavour’s. As a teacher, these Graces were imparted to my students and our little community classroom became more peaceful. She continues to grace my life and by my daily praying of the Rosary, in fellowship with all those in the Confraternity, demonstrates this powerful tool for Catholics. When the day came to return her to our Parish, I really didn’t want to let her go; I miss her and it may be time to purchase my own statue of the Blessed Virgin.

-Cindy Orr

I have had the privilege of having the statue living with my family for the past 3 weeks and felt that Mother Mary wanted to continue her travelling around the families of Blessed Sacrament. It was a blessing to have her in my home. She brought peace and gave me strength. I know that Mary is always with me but having that beautiful statue in my home was a reminder of her presence in my life. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.


Statue of Mary story from:


Zoe was alone in the bedroom; she had looked carefully about to make sure of that. She had a duty to perform, and like all the solemn and decisive acts of life, it had to be done alone. Of course even Zoe did not realize that what she was about to do far transcended her personal life. It was vital to countless millions yet unborn; and so she might have spared herself her pains, for all the world was to see her. The Blessed Virgin arranged for the servant to happen quietly on the scene and to observe it all.

Zoe pulled a chair over beneath the shelf, for it was too high for her to reach, even if she stood on tiptoe. Climbing up on the chair, she stretched overhead and took down Our Lady’s image. She was too much engrossed in the ecstasy of her devotion to notice anything now. She did not even get down from the chair; it would serve well enough for the altar of her choosing and dedication. Throwing her arms about the statue, she hugged it close to her little body, as a child might fondle her favorite doll or teddy bear.

But this was no doll. In a sense, it was no longer just a statue of Our Lady. It was Mary herself. Zoe’s words showed that very clearly.

“Now, dear Blessed Mother,” she said aloud with childlike fervor, “now you will be my Mother!”

Probably the incident of the statue was almost entirely for the benefit of mankind, a way of serving public notice that the Marian Age had begun. 


Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did. – St. Maximilian Kolbe